We are a global leader in offering vaping technology solutions, including manufacturing vaping devices and vaping components for HNB products on an ODM basis,with advanced R&D technology, strong manufacturing capacity, wide-spectrum product portfolio and diverse customer base.

Through our innovative and pioneering vaping technology solutions, we operate two principal business segments:

research, design and manufacturing of closed system vaping devices and vaping components for a number of global leading tobacco companies and independent vaping companies;

research, design, manufacturing and sale of self-branded open system vaping devices, or APV, for retail clients.

Established in 2015, as a self-brand owned by SMOORE, Vaporesso has inherited the spirits of innovation and quality, and incorporated them into its own mission to be Beyond the Ordinary. With cutting-edge ingenuity, VAPORESSO is dedicated to satisfying its customers with the high-quality vaping experience. VAPORESSO's products - such as VECO, ZERO, LUXE and the GEN family - cover the full range of open-system vapes and fulfil the various needs from the vapers.

VAPORESSO's business has spread to more than 50 countries and regions around the world and has established a substantial brand influence in Europe, America, and emerging markets. By working closely together with partners, with its consistent innovated technologies output and strict quality control, VAPORESSO will keep providing high-quality products and services for hundreds of millions of exsisting users and target groups, thereby providing a better future for the vaping industry.


  • VAPORESSO established

  • First product “Target” released

  • First dual-battery product “Revenger” released

  • Product “Zero” released

  • Power Shop Program established (globally reaching more than 3500 shops)

  • Parent company SMOORE first to announce an IPO in vaping industry

    Fully prepared and applied for PMTA

FEELM is a high-end atomization technology brand belonging to SMOORE. Focusing on the research of cutting-edge atomization technology, FEELM also specializes in the development and manufacturing of high quality atomization devices driven by FEELM ceramic coil.

Adhering to the philosophy that atomization makes life better, FEELM is devoted to build a world-leading atomization technology platform. A number of global leading tobacco companies and independent vaping companies are FEELM’s strategic partners. Products loaded with FEELM atomizers have been exported to Europe, America, East Asia, Africa, Oceania and many other countries and regions. And the accumulated sales volume has surpassed 1.2 billion pieces per year.

“FEELM inside, Secret to Great Taste.” FEELM redefines ceramics, integrates with cutting-edge technology and inherits the spirit of ingenuity. From the first coil to the billionth, FEELM is consistent with high quality, delivering exceptional vaping experience to the entire world through leading atomization technology.

  • FEELM01
  • FEELM02



  • Deployed Industry-leading R&D Center, focusing on Ceramic Heating Technology



  • Developed the 1st gen. Ceramic Coil


  • Launched Metallic Film Ceramic Coil



  • Collaborated with R. J. Reynolds
  • Globally announced Heating Technology brand FEELM, won the Golden Leaf Awards
  • Sales volume of FEELM inside pods surpassed 100 Million


  • Released“FEELM inside”Global Technology Authentication Trademark
  • Productive capacity of FEELM inside pods surpassed 1 Billion pieces per year
  • Ceramic Heating Technology obtained the 1st China Patent Award in the industry



  • Won iF Design Award 2020