SMOORE R&D Qualification Appraisal: Setting Up the Stage for R&D Staffs

“It feels like I have opened a door to a brand new world, which makes me change my thinking logic.” Mark played a “dual role” in the SMOORE R&D Qualification Appraisal - both the candidate in the group appraisal, and the judge in the department appraisal.

Once a year, SMOORE R&D Qualification Appraisal has been held since 2018. From the very beginning, the event was held to be the a skill training for R&D staffs, as well as the reference for their promotions. With the optimization of the organizing and process designing, it now strongly adjoins to the SMOORE culture and strategy, aiming to build up the qualification standards for SMOORE R&D staffs, formulate the ability enhancement plans and form the reasonable talent flow.

Significance and Necessity

“R&D staffs need to pay more attention to the quantification and consequence - actively find something that you can carry out and make a breakthrough.” 

“SMOORE R&D Qualification Appraisal is not only the approval for our professional, but also a effective way for us to find out the weaknesses and broaden our ability scope.” As the department administrator, Mark finds out that the R&D staffs are always busy with their researches, ignoring the integrated planning of the product and the department. While receiving the related suggestions from the judges, he was suddenly enlightened. 

At the appraisal in 2021, David reported his project - to complete the cost decreasing and benefit increasing by improving the construction of the heating unit. However, the judges presented their doubts in an unexpected way: “Did you ever think of the market requirement while giving the definition of the product?” 

David wasn’t aware until that moment. He realized that the product test was based on the traditional injection flow of 2ml, while the main market requirement for the aiming product’s injection is now 8-10ml, “which means my research may not suitable for the aiming product.” 

Mr. Ou failed in the appraisal last year because of the deviation in his research result due to the wrong substitute goods in the test. After the appraisal, he received the suggestions from the judges reminding him to attach importance to the “First principle” and give the solutions based the underlying thought.

“Thanks to the experience, I was clear about my shortage. And now, each time before starting a new project, I will first find out the most essential and necessary thing in the product.” He also shows his confidence to the appraisal this year. 

Mr. Duan joined SMOORE last year and now is preparing for the appraisal. “I’m expecting to show my achievement. And thanks to the valuable opportunity, I’m clear about my career development path in SMOORE.” 

Process More Valuable than Result 

“We need to put the right persons in the suitable positions, thus to tap their maximum potentials. It is the essential thing.” As the Vice-president of SMOORE Institute of Fundamental Research, Daniel has experienced three appraisals in SMOORE.

“We have been improving the organizing process by year. In 2021, we integrated the rules and standardized the appraisal.” 

“There is no doubt that SMOORE takes science and technology very seriously.” From Daniel’s perspective, the development of science and technology relied on the strategy layout of the scientific manpower. “Only when the person in the right position can he tap his potential in the best way.” 

“This is the significance of the appraisal.” He pointed out that the company will build the R&D talent team as well as the comprehensive training system by the appraisal. And this is definitely make the scientific staffs more passionate to their daily work.

“Just take the appraisal as an academic exam - you do all the work well in ordinary time, and you’ll pass the exam easily.” Daniel encouraged the scientific staffs to stand out in the appraisal, as “the gaining in the process will be much more valuable than the result.”

Refining Appraisal Rules to Perfect System Thinking

“Compare to the improvement of some certain technology detail, it is more important to gain the advantage of thinking mode.” Brian, Principle of SMOORE Technology Center, presents his viewpoint according to the appraisal. 

In Brian’s opinion, most judges need some training and compulsory routines to help them complete the appraisal as they were easily trapped into the certain detail discussions due to their responses to the departments and projects. “We need to refine our appraisal rules thus to help the judges make more objective decisions in a short time.” 

Meanwhile, Brian appeals for the supporting from all related departments and persons to make the appraisal more professional, thus to enhance technology ability of SMOORE. 

Brian considered that the advantage of thinking mode the biggest change of SMOORE R&D staffs, which was brought by the appraisal. Instead of putting the main part on process and detail, the scientific staffs now reported their achievements in a systematic way - pose a problem, then analyse the basic principle and solutions, finally the optimal decisions. 

“I’m happy to see the change.” Brian said. On the other hand, he frankly proposed that the appraisal would always have the space to perfect. He hopes that the job will be one of the star projects in SMOORE as it is the fulfilling of SMOORE’s core value - Science and technology are the core driving forces for corporate development.