SMOORE: Innovation & Patent Layout to Create Brilliance

For both the city of Shenzhen and SMOORE, a local company offering world-leading atomization technology solutions, innovation is the soul. During more than 10 years’ development, SMOORE has been in the lead of the industry due to its concentrated exploration of technology and persistent pursuing of innovation. The global patent layout from the very beginning wins SMOORE a high reputation for its science and technology innovative achievements.


Since October, SMOORE has been holding its first “Patent & Innovation Month” activity, including 16 popular speeches on patent profession, appraisals of “Innovation Star” and “Patent Prize”, skill learning both online and offline, and innovating classes given by the industry celebrities. All of these made SMOORE people know more about the significance of innovation and patent.


November 4th, adhering to the spirit of “Innovation & Patent Layout to Create Brilliance”, SMOORE held the commendation conference of the “Patent & Innovation Month” in G&G Creative Industry Center. The conference aimed to give the best wishes to the outstanding scientific staffs, as well as to clarify the direction of the future exploration of innovation.

The conference site is the very reflection to show out SMOORE’s spirit of innovation:

The mirror surface sign in space keeps the memories of the progress.


EXPLORE UNKNOWN - The question mark represents the endless exploring for the future.

The floating mist in a triangle shape gives expression to the root in atomization and the power of upward growth.

Within the radiative lines, there is the photo area, recording every proud faces in the feast.

On the stage, the past glory and future journey meet in a crush.




Patent innovation

On the stage, the past glory and future journey meet in a crush.



In the session of conclusion, Mr. Xiang, the innovation promotion director, and Cheney, the senior director of IP and Law Department, gave the speeches on the certain topic of innovation and patent. “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” Cheney takes the quotation from < A Tale of Two Cities> as the ending of the speech, pointing out that the only way to the breakthrough in an era full of opportunities and challenges is to defend every technology achievements by the persistence of innovating.



Brian, Principle of SMOORE Technology Center, gave the speech, presenting his view that he was positive with SMOORE’s achievements of innovation and patent layout in recent years. On the other hand, he also emphasized that SMOORE need to create more innovating technologies based on the first principle, as well as to protect the valuable patents.


Alon Chen, Chairman of SMOORE, who was failed to present the conference, gave his best wishes to the awarding teams and individuals via a video. He pointed out that SMOORE had always been pursuing the strategy of leading technology and relied on innovation to realize the mission of “Atomization makes life better”, while the patents were the protection for the achievements and the effective way to promote the sustainable development.


Shinning like the brilliant rays, SMOORE scientific staffs gave their fabulous show on the stage during the dinner party.


Caring dream chasers lightened the night with the power of innovation. While the past glory becomes the new start, SMOORE will make innovation and patent the core competitiveness to build the strongest technology barriers.