SPARK Lights up SMOORE Dream


Summer in Shenzhen always has the quick rains. And with the rain today, comes the new students of SMOORE’s first Spark Program.

In the morning of August 5th, SMOORE launched its first Spark Program Training Camp via a vivid and funny ceremony. A group of graduates will be gathered here for a half-year training which helps them prepare for the future career in SMOORE.

Spark Program is a metaphor for that the graduates will bring special vitality and be the core force in SMOORE, thus helping to build the world leading atomization technology platform.


The training director from HR and Administration Center, Fred, had given a brief introduction of the program, followed which the graduates began their unique self-introductions.

After the fantastic self-introduction part, leaders of the HR and Administration Center had awarded an emblem to the graduates, which represented that they had officially been the members of SMOORE.

Holly, general manager of HR and Administration Center, had awarded the Spark Program flag to the SMOORE freshes. Then she gave an ending speech about SMOORE’s future and culture, as well as the individual here. Last but not least, she wished all the trainees would gain experience and finally achieve success in SMOORE.


Outside the window are the rain drops falling down and down; inside the room is the atmosphere getting warmer and warmer. As a closure to the ceremony, all the trainees have chorused the program song. With the melody, it is like that they have already seen their brilliant future in SMOORE.