Colin: All about Trust and Persistence


Colin will never forget the day of March 18th, 2015, on which he had officially been a member of SMOORE.

It is the trust that Colin believes leading him to the choice. 

“Cage has shown me the future developing strategy of Purchasing Center at our first meet, and asked for my advice.” As a fresh in SMOORE, this has made Colin feel trusted.


It was not easy for Colin to be in charge of the operation cost of 4 factories when he just joined the Purchasing Center. However, instead of pushing the job, his first step was to learn about SMOORE.

“I was new and I needed to know how things operated in SMOORE. Then I could make my profession flexible and useful.”

It took Colin a long time to visit the factories and departments in SMOORE. After learning about all the company’s businesses, Colin began to design the SMOORE-fitted tool of operation cost management, the operation cost control system, which had optimized the target setting, performance assessment and analysis report.

The system was effective since 2016. The factory operation cost in 2016 declined sharply compared to which in 2015. “That was one of my core value realizations in SMOORE”, says Colin.


Colin’s duty had changed to purchase in 2017. He was worried about his lack of profession in the area while Cage gave him the words,“It’s OK. I’ll give you time to learn from our supplier.”

Since that, Colin spent most of his time in 2017 staying with the suppliers, until he could be clear with every detail in the purchase process.

After overcoming so many difficulties in 8 months, in 2018, Colin and his team had successfully launched the Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) platform without having influence on manufacture and R&D, which had realized the online management of more than 200 suppliers.

“You need to have your own principle and never give it up, or it’ll be hard for you to be successful.”says Colin, “Time will tell if your view was right, just like the SRM system.”


At last, Colin wants to share his experience of realizing the dream:

Set your target;

Promote your profession ability;

Big-picture thinking and transpositonal consideration;

Treasure your team;

Continuous learning and improving.


Colin’s story in SMOORE started from the trust, and continued by the persistence. Hopefully in the future, Colin and each of us could realize our dreams just here in SMOORE.