Happy Teachers' Day in SMOORE


Have you remember the teachers that ever appeared in your life?

Have you got any word that you wanted to say to him/her?

This Teachers’ Day, we want to remind you something touching by writing a greeting card.

Things that the teacher ever taught you and made you memorable;

Things that the teacher ever gave you and made you grateful;

Things that you felt shy to say in front of him/her;


On this special day, let’s just make it happen.


Teachers’ Day in SMOORE belongs to the mentors here who have ever taught and cared about the people around. Maybe he/she hasn’t been a teacher for years. However, what he/she has done just like a teacher and touched others even without a word.


The emotion from a teacher to a student is actually like which from the parents to their child. They want you to be good, and afraid of you behaving bad. They will be happy for every single step that you’ve made and worried for even a little bit pressure that you’ve got. They may be wordy, but never think of anything in return.


As a student, what we can do is not that much. A bunch of flowers and a greeting card will count. But the most important thing is the heart that always wants to be with you.


There will be no limit for the growing. We want to thank every teacher in SMOORE for the company that makes us feel warm. Wish you a happy Teachers’ Day!